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online associate degrees by mark parsonsOnline Associate Degree Programs

By: Mark Parsons ~ Enlightenment Media Education Writer
April 28, 2007

There is no real mystery to the American Dream. Every successful person will tell you that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and deep knowledge in a particular field or activity. Education and dedication can open up many doors and opportunities in American society. Many people insist that they cannot pursue educational achievement beyond high school because they are busy raising families, earning a living and keeping up with bills. For these people, as much as any demographic segment, it is imperative to work hard and also to work smartly whenever possible.

This is why an Online Associate Degree Program makes so much sense. Earning an Associate degree is a clear path of action, a blueprint for success. Add to that the accessibility and convenience of web technology and this plan for success is clear. An Associate Degree is a valuable key that can unlock the rich vault of opportunity and achievement. Online Associate Degree Programs provide many advantages including; convenience and affordability, entry into a variety of interesting and rewarding fields, and also the tangible market value of a focused degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.


The web provides immediate access to information, high-speed enlightenment, and is rapidly changing the way people, educational institutions, and consumer markets operate. The web can deliver an enormous amount of knowledge and understanding, all in the comfort of your living room. The enormous rise in online advertising also means that many web applications are available to end-users free of charge. Higher education has never been more convenient and millions of people are regularly taking advantage. Online education is ideal for people raising families. Young couples and single mothers alike can pursue their education at any hour of the day, interacting with colleagues and professors after the kids go to bed, studying while working at their full-time jobs, receiving real-time guidance and support anytime and from anywhere there is an internet connection. Mobile devices such as cellular phones, PDA's, and MP3 players are taking the learning process to an even more interactive and convenient plateau. Software technologies are rapidly being refined for podcasting, blogging, e-mailing, and assessing achievement electronically. The web is making learning accessible and immediate for anyone and everyone who wants further education. Advances in software and hardware technologies are changing the landscape of online education. Generally, these types of learning strategies can be referred to as "eLearning". It is still important to have a qualified, instructive educator in control of the program, but eLearning allows teachers to perfect the learning experience, and deliver it effectively to a much greater audience than conventional classroom instruction. Overall, the web is an extraordinary tool for learning, and is capable of delivering valuable instruction in a flexible manner. This makes online learning, and the pursuit of an Associate Degree, accessible and convenient to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Furthermore, the application of online education and "eLearning" is virtually unlimited and provides entry into many thriving, commercial industries. A mere high school diploma is not enough to remain competitive, employable and valuable in the ever-changing and dynamic modern workplace. Attainable in only two years time, Associate Degrees provide tangible and marketable expertise in various exciting fields including:

  • General Business and Commerce Technologies: Private sector, public sector and government entities all need qualified business professionals to keep their organizations running smoothly. Technical knowledge of operations, administration, management, systems, human resources and sales will always have a place across industries and organizations. Online degrees available include Associate in Specialized Business, Associate of Occupational Studies, and additional degrees of all kinds.
  • Health Services, Nursing and Paramedical Technologies: There is an enormous demand for trained health professionals in the United States. Compensation and employment arrangements have become increasingly lucrative and flexible as demand has skyrocketed. Online degrees available include an Associate of Applied Science, an Associate in Physical Therapy, and more. An Associate in Nursing is especially marketable and virtually guarantees a comfortable income level.
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Communications Engineering: Expertise in Communications Systems, Electronics, Engineering and Information Technology makes for real tangible value and ongoing job security. Technical jobs are increasingly being outsourced to the cheaper labor markets of foreign countries. In order to stay employable and valuable in an increasingly competitive workplace, individuals must stay up to speed on the latest technologies and methodologies. Online degrees available include an Associate in Technical Arts, an Associate of Engineering, and Vocational Degrees of all kinds.
  • Data Processing Technologies: Virtually all companies are built around systems designed to handle enormous amounts of information quickly and efficiently. There will always be a need for technical professionals to enter and manage valuable data across various technological platforms. Online degrees available include an Associate of Information Systems, an Associate of Computer Technology, and an Associate of Information Management.
  • Public Service Technologies: The federal government, state governments and local governments all need professionals that are sufficiently trained and educated in public service. This is a sprawling employment market requiring both general knowledge and focused understanding of everything from broadcasting, communications and technology to education, fire services, and public transportation. Online degrees available include an Associate of General Studies and an Associate of Arts in Teaching.

The achievement of an Associate Degree in any of these fields provides entry into a growing and vital industry. These are the industries where investment is heaviest, where need is the greatest and where job growth has been most steady and persistent. The leading employers in each of these industries are demanding an increasingly educated workforce. Technical expertise is required and this expertise is exactly what an Online Associate Degree provides. In only two year’s time, a high-school graduate can drastically improve their understanding, marketability and earning power by pursuing an Associate Degree online.

Online Associate Degree Programs provide a clear, straightforward strategy for the achievement of personal, professional and financial well-being. These programs are available to everyone, accessible at all times and priced so reasonably that ambitious people are eagerly taking advantage. Whether you are working a full time job, raising a family, changing careers, or you just want to improve your earning potential, an Online Associate Degree Program can help you get ahead. These programs are clearly defined, convenient, and efficiently prepare people for rewarding careers. Single mothers find these types of programs particularly supportive and effective as they generally have limited time and resources. Moms can pursue continued education without having to travel, and with a minimum of investment. Even older workers who have been working in an industry for many years find online education attractive as they expand their knowledge and maintain their value in an increasingly technical employment marketplace.

Opportunity comes in many shapes and sizes but rarely is it as obvious as with Online Associate Degree Programs. Most Associate Degrees can be earned in two years or less, providing fast-track entry into some of the most stable and exciting industries in the world. Advancements in technology make these programs more efficient and convenient every year. These programs are designed for people with active lifestyles, family and professional commitments, and the urge to improve themselves and their earning power. If you are wondering how to use your time more effectively, earn more for your labor and provide more for your family, an Online Associate Degree Program may be the answer.

Mark Parsons is a national education columnist for Enlightenment Media, Inc. located in Denver, Colorado. Send Mark a question or comment for potential use in a future column or on site publication at the following email address: writers [at]
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