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Online Game Art & Design Degrees | Video Game Animation & Software Development

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browse all online game art and design programs, including video game animation and software developmentWhat could be more exciting as a design major than creating and developing the latest in video game technology? Computer and video game development careers have exploded since the early days of the simple games like pong, to what we now see in the high definition gaming platform where users can play in real time against other users across the globe. Just think of the capabilities we will see over the next decade! Earning an online game and art design degree can position graduates in this exciting field to create within a team, or for those who are entrepreneurial, create their own gaming platform. The online game and art design degree provides skills needed for the development of new technology. There are many aspects of gaming that must be considered, and often times within this field, students must select one particular are of game development that they would like to pursue upon graduation. Along with the explosion of game design studios has come the need for programmers, sound developers, graphic imaging designers, game-testing teams, and many other technical positions involved in the game development process. Earning your online game and art design degree can put you right in the mix for top positions in any of these fields. Request online information to speak with a professional advisor about your goals, and to find out what degree program is right for you.

The explosive impact of computers and information technology on our everyday lives has generated a need to design and develop new computer software systems and to incorporate new technologies into a rapidly growing range of applications. Those individuals involved in direct video game design and animation tend to earn a higher salary than standard software developers, typically due to the highly successful sales of the multi-billion dollar video game industry. With the evolution of the video game, it is now necessary to involve large teams to produce and design a complete video game for distribution. Most employers prefer to hire persons who have at least a bachelor’s degree and broad knowledge of, and experience with, a variety of computer systems and technologies. Graduate degrees are preferred for some of the more complex jobs.

Median annual earnings of computer applications software engineers who worked full time in May 2004 were about $74,980. The middle 50 percent earned between $59,130 and $92,130. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $46,520, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $113,830. According to Robert Half International, starting salaries for software engineers in software development ranged from $63,250 to $92,750 in 2005. For network engineers, starting salaries in 2005 ranged from $61,250 to $88,250.
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devry university online
The Art Institute Online | Game Art & Design Degrees

the art institute onlineThe Art Institute Online Game Art & Design program concentrates on the artistic side of games, rather than the computer programming aspect involved in video game creation. This unique program is your first step toward becoming an artist and designer in the multi-billion dollar game design industry. Students in this program will strengthen their basic art and design skills, then learn how to design game play and background, create characters and their environments, and apply your knowledge of video and computer games to evaluate game products. Students will also learn to plan the game environment and determine choices for characters. When you graduate from the Game Art & Design program, you will have the training and skills you need to compete for entry-level positions in the game industry. Click to request complete details today.

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DeVry University Online | Bachelor’s Degree in Game and Simulation Programming

devry university online logoFirst things first, let’s get the lingo straight for the Game & Simulation Programming Degree program. If you're going to dress the part, we need to go with GSP as the short version of this type of degree. Now we’ll move on to the important information. The simulation industry is even more massive, with the U.S. Army alone planning to invest $100 million in training games and simulations over the next two to three years. With a gaming degree you can be poised to cash in on a booming market where exciting new jobs are created every day! As you earn your gaming degree, you'll master coding languages such as C++ and C#, artificial intelligence, industry-standard software packages, game engine development, multi player game programming, visual design fundamentals, and much more, preparing you to program, develop and design video games and complex simulations, from crime scene reconstruction to corporate training software. Request more information right now!

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Kaplan University Online | Multimedia and Animation Degrees

kaplan university online logoAlthough the Kaplan University Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, with an emphasis in Multimedia and Animation Degree is not specifically designed to produce graduates for video game design, the program does provide an educational background for graduates who choose to enter the industry. The objective of this online degree program is to prepare you for career advancement in information technology and visual arts with the knowledge, communication skills, critical thinking, creative skills, and technical competencies required in the modern workplace. At the completion of this degree you will be able to design and create real-world e-media products or technical solutions to hardware and software problems depending on your chosen area of emphasis. You may need additional education or training to pursue a career in video game art & design, or video game software development. This degree program is ideal if you are looking to advance your current technology career or seeking entry-level employment in a field that requires a bachelor's degree. This degree can be further specialized by focusing on one of the five emphasis areas: Database, Network Administration, Programming, Web Development, and Multimedia and Animation. What are you waiting for?

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Westwood College Online | Game Art & Design Degrees, Game Software Development

westwood college onlineWhen we look at candidates for the Game Art & Design Degree program at Westwood College Online, we’re looking for students of computer game design who are creative, hard working, and enjoy working with computers. With these specialized skills in mind, Westwood College Online has designed a comprehensive program specifically designed for students seeking a Game Art & Design Degree. Students in this program acquire real-world, applied knowledge through our hands-on teaching approach. Our Game Art & Design Program helps students gain knowledge of art and animation techniques for employment in the game and interactive software industry. The curriculum includes courses such as Color Theory, 3-D Modeling and Animation, and Cinematography. In addition, a combination of management and general education courses enhance students' skills in critical thinking, logic, communication, and problem solving. Westwood College Online provides a flexible, challenging educational option for students who want to be a part of the dynamic gaming and game design industry.

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The Art Institute Online
What could be cooler than designing, and developing video games all day? What if you could get paid for doing just that for a living? The Game Art & Design Degree program provided by the Art Institute Online concentrates on the artistic side of games, not computer programming typically associated with designing games. This unique program is your first step toward becoming an artist and designer in the multi-billion dollar game design industry. Think you could handle this type of career, or do you want to check your balance sheet all day?
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