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left arrow quick linksThe field of engineering is slightly different when it comes to educational background, and earning a Bachelor Degree in Engineering. Although the actual education level is deemed a Bachelor Degree in Engineering, the professional level obtained in many of the traditional Universities within the United States translates into a higher level of education. What we mean by this is that graduates of these types of programs are comparable to the undergraduate study of those in law or medicine, professional level education backgrounds leading into graduate level emphasis. Not all fields and educational programs carrying the title of Bachelor Degree in Engineering require rigorous course work for gradation, but you can be sure that specified fields such as aerospace engineering require lots of hard work, and the highest scholastic marks possible. Please be aware that there is a difference between a legitimate Bachelor Degree in Engineering, and a degree awarded with a designation of Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Engineering. Again, the main reason for the difference in name and curriculum is the level at which course work is completed. The professional level associated with the Bachelor Degree in Engineering involves a higher level of control, often maintained by the national professional engineering society or institute that accredits the universities, usually regulated by law. Course work tends to be more engineering focused within this program as well, and will examine specific areas of engineering upon selection of a major within the program. Click and request information from our educational partners offering a Bachelor Degree in Engineering today!

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kaplan university online logoKaplan University Online provides knowledge to students at all levels, and all professional stages of their careers. Whether you are a recent high school graduate preparing for secondary education, or a seasoned marketing professional interested in technology development for career development, Kaplan has a program for you. As an accredited University, the online degree programs offered from Kaplan feature a real-world philosophy and the belief that the right knowledge provides you with the freedom to grow, to achieve your goals, and to help you excel in your profession and in your life.

We also offer one of the largest online learning curriculums currently available. Select a program from one of our many specialized schools including the School of Arts and Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences, Information Systems and Technology, Legal Studies, Nursing. Additional programs include Business and Finance Certificates, and Health Care Certificates. With such a wide variety of online programs, it's nearly impossible to find something that fits your needs.

Click below to review program details for the Kaplan curriculum. You may then request admissions, enrollment, or general information online by completing the online information request form below. A professional academic advisor will then contact you to discuss your educational needs.

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