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quick links to the left allow you to browse all degrees by level, including bachelor degrees and associate degreesThis page is dedicated to helping potential students understand the difference between undergraduate degrees, as we compare the Bachelor Degree versus the Associate Degree programs. There are numerous educational institutions that offer programs ranging from certification, diploma, associate and bachelor level course work. Both certification and diploma programs tend to take less than one year to complete, and are often supplemental to a chosen career as a specialized area of education, such as a computer certification for a technician. An Associate Degree program provides the flexibility of completing the first two years of basic college level academics whether you are a full time or part time student, and often leads into a traditional four-year bachelor Degree program. The Associate Degree allows students to maintain a full time job or schedule that might otherwise conflict with a full four year Bachelor Degree program. When comparing the Bachelor Degree vs. the Associate Degree from a value standpoint, you will often find a much better value in terms of cost of education when it comes to the Associate Degree program. On the other side of that argument, education is often considered an investment, and the degree you earn will reflect that monetary value. A traditional four year Bachelor Degree would often be valued more by a potential employer as you pursue a career path, depending of course on the level of importance that employer places on education. Bachelor Degree programs allow students to spend more time within a chosen major or minor as defined by the Bachelor Degree curriculum, which will encompass a greater scope of study over a longer timeframe than that of a two year Associate Degree. When selecting a program, try to speak with an enrollment advisor to discuss your individual needs as they apply towards the schools curriculum. Earning an associate degree versus a bachelor degree depends greatly upon your personal situation, interests, schedule, and goals.

Why Does An Associate Degree Program Make So Much Sense?
There is no real mystery to the American Dream. Every successful person will tell you that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and deep knowledge in a particular field or activity. Education and dedication can open up many doors and opportunities in American society. Many people insist that they cannot pursue educational achievement beyond high school because they are busy raising families, earning a living and keeping up with bills. For these people, as much as any demographic segment, it is imperative to work hard and also to work smartly whenever possible.
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Kaplan University Online | Associate, Bachelors & Masters Degrees and Programs

kaplan university online logoKaplan University Online features one of our most diverse educational degree and certification program offerings, with more than 100 programs to choose from. Programs are available for certification, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, and Master's Degrees. We would be surprised if you are unable to find a program that fits your needs for any of these degree/certification levels, Kaplan has a program for just about everyone.

Once again, if you are considering choosing a Bachelor's Degree versus an Associate's Degree, take into account the time commitment, and cost as the two biggest concerns. Kaplan offers undergraduate Associate Degrees program with a primary agenda to prepare students for career advancement in a variety of fields with the knowledge, communication skills, critical thinking, and technical competencies required in the modern workplace.

Kaplan's Online Bachelor Degree programs drill deeper into specialized fields of study as well, which is why these programs often take 2-3 Years longer to complete for full time students. Because traditional Bachelor Degree programs take a longer time to complete, the Kaplan Bachelors Degrees provide additional education and skilled training for your chosen major.

Browse our featured Associate and Bachelor Degree granting University programs below. Links are organized by field of study. You may then request admissions, enrollment, or general information online by completing the online information request form below. A professional academic advisor will then contact you to discuss your educational needs.

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