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left arrow quick linksOne of the fastest growing areas of study is the field of eCommerce/eBusiness, and graduates with an e-Commerce Bachelor Degree hold a great advantage to those with any other type of I.T. Degree, or no formal University education. Electronic commerce, commonly known throughout the world as e-commerce or eCommerce, consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as mobile devices, the Internet, or any other computer network. Businesses around the world need skilled professionals that have a strong grasp on many aspects of eCommerce from online transaction processing, to electronic fund transfer. Brick and mortar storefronts have been replaced or supplemented with Internet based business models because they are much faster and more convenient for many people. That does not mean that they are without issues. Stable security, successful ordering processing and fulfillment, and proper payment transfer are just a few of the many issues involved in eCommerce. If you would like to be at the forefront of the eCommerce revolution, complete an online information request form to speak with a professional advisor about earning your e-Commerce Bachelor Degree right now!

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kaplan university online logoKaplan University Online provides knowledge to students at all levels, and all professional stages of their careers. Whether you are a recent high school graduate preparing for secondary education, or a seasoned marketing professional interested in technology development for career development, Kaplan has a program for you. As an accredited University, the online degree programs offered from Kaplan feature a real-world philosophy and the belief that the right knowledge provides you with the freedom to grow, to achieve your goals, and to help you excel in your profession and in your life.

We also offer one of the largest online learning curriculums currently available. Select a program from one of our many specialized schools including the School of Arts and Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences, Information Systems and Technology, Legal Studies, Nursing. Additional programs include Business and Finance Certificates, and Health Care Certificates. With such a wide variety of online programs, it's nearly impossible to find something that fits your needs.

Click below to review program details for the Kaplan curriculum. You may then request admissions, enrollment, or general information online by completing the online information request form below. A professional academic advisor will then contact you to discuss your educational needs.

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