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left arrow red for online nursing certification schools and programsNursing certification is an important part of specializing in medical care. Although law does not require certification within a certain specialty for RN's, it can come into play when dealing with salary or compensation advantages. In addition, obtaining nursing certification shows patients that you have gone the extra mile, and they tend to receive higher level of quality care due to the education and training the staff has earned. Expert knowledge can be gained by completing an online nursing certification program, which translates into quality care for patients. After all, that's what it’ all about when you're dealing with people who need medical aid. With the vast amount of nursing specialties, defining an area can lead to personal and financial advantages for a nursing professional. Hospitals and other health care facilities are willing to pay a certified nurse extra when the nurse works within their specialty. Some hospitals may also require certain nurses be certified, like a nursing supervisor or a lead nurse. Use the online information request links within this online nursing certification program page to contact any school you are interested in learning more about.

The leading nursing credentialing organization in the U.S., the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is passionate about helping you as an individual nurse or as a team of nurses in a healthcare setting on your journey to nursing excellence. With ANCC, you will enrich your professional and personal development, increase your exposure to issues within the nursing community, and contribute to your profession's advancement and commitment to quality patient care.
Information Source: American Nurses Credentialing Center

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Clayton College of Natural Health Online | Nursing Certification Programs

clayton college of natural health online logoCCNH Online offers a selection of specialized programs. These programs, like our traditional degree offerings, provide real life, accessible approaches to holistic health. Iridology Studies provides training in iris assessment that is ideal for today's health or nutrition consultant. Herbal Studies includes a solid foundation and optional in depth continued studies in the healing properties plants. Companion Animals Studies presents many resources for enhancing the lives of companion animals through the use of nutrition, herbs and other natural approaches. Healthcare Professional Studies offers practitioners the tools of traditional naturopathy to broaden knowledge, build new capabilities and enhance an existing practice. Recognizing that the disciplines of traditional naturopathy, natural health and holistic nutrition are vitally important to one another, we offer a broad education that will give students a wide variety of tools with which they can educate others. These take into account the effect of diet and lifestyle habits on the body, mind, and spirit, as well as on the earth. Browse our online programs, and request additional information below.

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Kaplan University Online | Nursing Certification Programs

kaplan university online logoThe Boston University Online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program is a 16-course program that can be completed online in less than 30 months. It is designed for individuals that have earned approximately half of their undergraduate work and seek to finish their degree. Students in this program will develop a thorough understanding of philosophy, the humanities, and the social sciences-disciplines that are highly valued in today's business climate, where success often depends on interpersonal awareness, critical thinking skills, and human factors. These courses focus on a particular aspect of various fields of study to examine issues, methods and overarching theories within that field. The courses reflect the way in which these issues, theories and methods are applied to day-to-day issues. For example, students will explore philosophy through studying film or biology through investigating cooking and food. Request more information below.

  • Certificate in Case Management
  • Certificate in Forensic Nursing
  • Certificate in Geriatric Care Management
  • Certificate in Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Certificate in Life Care Planning

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McIntosh College Online | Nursing Certification Program

mcintosh college online logoMcIntosh College is here to help you reach your career goals. We offer an exciting environment for learning, and our courses are designed to give you the practical knowledge you need in today's competitive job market. Enroll in our Medical Assisting Program to prepare for the exciting health care field, where you can experience the increasingly important human link between the patient and medical services provider. At McIntosh, you can earn your degree or certificate in as few as 15 months! Our classes are small, so you'll get the personal attention you want. Don't hesitate to take the next step in your career. Simply complete the online information request form for McIntosh College, and one of our professional counselors will contact you to discuss your educational goals, needs, and options.

  • Online Medical Assisting Program

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